Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday, October 30

Tomorrow is Halloween!  I actually really don't appreciate this holiday anymore.  Here is why.

When I was in like 5th grade, we carved these awesome pumpkins!  It was great.  They were some of my favorites.  They were out there for about 5 days, everything peachy and swell!  Then, the day before Halloween, I go outside to go to school, and the pumpkins aren't there!  I was devo!  I went around searching for those darn pumpkins, and then I found them.  They were at the local park, smashed and spread everywhere.  I was livid.  So, that was that.  I have never carved a pumpkin again.  Oh well.

However, that doesn't stop me from loving Halloween music!  One of my favorite movies is Nightmare Before Christmas.  Now, I don't know whether to really classify it as a Halloween movie, or a Christmas one, but I like it most during the Halloween time!  So, that brings me to today's song!  Recently, a new soundtrack for the song was released featuring a bunch of different artists like Amy Lee, All American Rejects, and the Plain White T's.  One of my favorite songs from the album is "Kidnap the Sandy Claws," by Korn.  Now, I never thought I would love Korn, but gosh.  I am obsessed!  I hope you enjoy!

Download:  Korn- "Kidnap the Sandyclaws"  Link Removed.  Sorry kids!

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